Program Category: Primary Health


Foot Care
Chiropody Services

Chiropodists are regulated health care providers who treat diseases and disorders of the foot and ankle. As part of the health care team, they work to improve a client’s overall health, mobility and independence.

Common issues include:
  • Wounds, ulcers and skin infections
  • Heel and arch pain
  • Plantar warts
Services offered:
  • Nail care
  • Corn and callus reduction
  • Orthotics
  • Diabetic foot care (including foot risk assessments)
  • Community education
Service eligibility:
  • Must be a client of SRCHC and live within the SRCHC catchment area
Services are available:
  • In English and Cantonese (interpretation services also available as needed)

Monday to Tuesday – 8am to 6pm;
Thursday – 8am to 5:30pm;
Wednesday and Friday – 9am to 5pm, all by appointment only

Organization Contact

  • Medical Reception

  • 955 Queen Street East
  • Toronto, ON    M4M 3P3
  • (416) 461-2493