Client Survey Results

Survey Results for 2018 and 2021

Each year, South Riverdale Community Health Centre conducts a client engagement survey. This is an organized opportunity to gather feedback from clients about their experiences at SRCHC and helps with overall evaluation and to inform program planning. The survey includes standardized questions that allow us to report back to the community, staff and the Board of Directors.

Client Survey Results

Overview of Client Survey Results 2018

This year, we spent three months meeting with clients on the 1st floor lobby, 2nd floor clinic waiting area, the COUNTERFIT site, in groups, Harmony Hall, 1245 Danforth Avenue and other offsite programs. The staff spent over 85 hours to help 331 individuals complete the questions and document their experiences, stories, suggestions, and opinions. The results of the survey are reported back to the community, to SRCHC’s Board of Directors, and to staff. It helps us as an organization to identify opportunities for improvements and celebrate as a community the work of SRCHC.

Client Engagement

  • 334 surveys completed in total
  • 85 hours working closely with clients to complete surveys
  • 1861 comments feedback provided in response to open ended questions
  • 573 clients engaged

Improving Health

  • 30% of clients reported that their health was fair or poor
  • 81% say programs and services at SRCHC have helped improve health and well-being

Do you feel comfortable at SRCHC?

98% feel comfortable and welcome at SRCHC

What We Heard About SRCHC’s Client-Centred Approach…

  • “Staff has been very helpful – they obtained my medical records for me in a timely manner”
  • “Provide safe space for consuming drugs. Provide harm reduction services and resources”
  • “The admin staff is amazing. They help with everything from a simple photocopy to keeping me informed through social media”
  • “There are tons of services for people to use. It’s a one stop shop. Spend a lot of time with the clients”

How can SRCHC improve?

We also asked clients to describe how we could improve the services/programs that we deliver. The most popular issues we heard about

  • clients would like to see timely more access to physicians and nurse practitioners, and extended hours of clinical services into evenings and weekends
  • clients would like to see more group based programs offered more frequently and offer varying types of programs

Overview of Client Survey Results 2021