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Client Survey

Survey Results 2016

Each year, South Riverdale Community Health Centre conduces a client engagement survey. This is an organized opportunity to gather feedback from clients about their experiences at SRCHC. The survey includes standardized questions that allow us to compare results to other CHCs and report to funders.

Client Survey

This year, we spent three months meeting with clients in groups, in the clinic waiting room, in the main lobby and at off site programs, gathering information.

The staff spent over 70 hours to help 220 individuals complete the questions and document their experiences The results of the survey are reported back to the community, to SRCHC’s Board of Directors and to staff. It helps us as an organization identify opportunities for improvements and celebrate as a community the work of the organization.

Client Engagement

  • 220 surveys completed in total
  • 70 hours working closely with clients to complete surveys
  • 21 minutes average time spent with each client to complete the survey
  • 87% of surveys completed with support from staff
  • 298 clients engaged

Impact on Community

88% say SRCHC has had a positive impact on their community

Improving Health

86% say programs and services at SRCHC have helped improve health and well-being

Do you feel comfortable at SRCHC?

93% feel comfortable and welcome at SRCHC

What is SRCHC doing well?

  • 38% clients say the range of programs offered educate and make them feel better
  • 29% clients point to effective client care and communication contributing to their health and well-being

How can SRCHC improve?

81% clients would like to see expansion of programs and services, with longer operating hours