Harmony Hall Centre for Seniors program connects and empowers seniors 55+. We promote healthy aging by providing opportunities for seniors to live independently and remain active participants in their community.

Chinese – Our Seniors Active Living Centre offers programming and services in Chinese, dialects spoken include Cantonese or Mandarin. Written materials are sometimes provided in Simplified or Traditional Chinese. 

Location – 2 Gower Street.

2 Gower Street is home to the Seniors Active Living Centre and the Harmony Community Food Centre including multiple-language and language-specific services and programs for seniors aged 65+. Programs at this location include DECNET (Diabetes Education Community Network of East Toronto), seniors wellness, recreational programs, health and wellness programs, and access to safety information, social programs, and social services.

As well we offer meal supports, cooking skills, nutrition, culturally appropriate supports, social skills, community meals, food security, education and garden programs.

Programs offered: Click here for our monthly events calendar.  

  • iPhone and iPad classes (Virtual – Cantonese)
  • Line dancing (Virtual)
  • Tai Chi Yang Style (Virtual demonstration)

YouTube iPad Tutorial

YouTube iPad Tutorial

YouTube iPad Tutorial

For more information, contact:

Billy Wu, Program Facilitator at 416-752-0101 or email:

The office remains closed to the public but we are operating and available by phone Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.

Click here for information about our transportation services.

Diabetes in the Real World- Advocacy Group

Diabetes in the Real World Committee (DRW) is a group of community members who meet regularly to raise awareness about issues faced by individuals living with type 2 diabetes.

Open to anyone who:

  • Has been impacted by type 2 diabetes
  • Is passionate and would like to make a difference
  • Would like to share experiences, ideas for change, and take action!
  • This session is currently on hold, please call 416.461.9043 ext. 2362 for the details

華人癌症患者支援小組:一個特别為華人癌症病人及其家人而設的互助小组。Chinese Cancer Support


除了基本健康服務外, 中心的不同專業人員, 合力協助癌症患者及其家人使用良好質素的癌症護理服務。 我們可提供:

  1. 營養飲食輔導:  註册營養師為癌症病人在治理期間每日所需的營養,提供一般性的指引,協助他們處理飲食上的困擾。
  2. 個人輔導: 透過個人輔導,專業社工幫助癌患者面對並處理那些會影響治理癌症的因素。
  3. 華人癌症患者支援小組:一個特别為華人癌症病人及其家人而設的互助小组。邀請專業醫護人員作專題講座,讓參加者了解治療癌症的方法並鼓勵组員交流經驗,互相幫助, 互相支持, 一起面對共同問題, 尋找可行的方法。
  4. 癌症資料: 本中心備有關於預防和治理及舒緩護理的中文癌症資料刊物。歡迎癌症病人及其家人致電借閱 ,


歡迎區內人士致電 416-461-1925內線 2248 查詢

South Riverdale Community Health Centre is a community controlled organization that believes health is a state of physical, mental and social well being. In addition to our primary health services, the multidisciplinary team members support cancer patients and their family members in accessing good quality of cancer care services.

We can offer:

  1. General Nutrition Counselling: The registered dietitian can assist the cancer patients in dealing with their nutritional concern by providing guidelines on daily intake in cancer care.
  2. Individual Counselling: Through one-to-one counselling, the professional social worker can assist the cancer patients in addressing their specific issues that will impact their cancer care.
  3. Support Group:   A support group for Chinese speaking cancer patients and their family members.  We invite health care professionals to provide cancer related information that will help the group members address their specific concerns in cancer care. We encourage group members to share their management experience and develop a self- help system amongst themselves.
  4. Cancer  Information : Cancer patients and their family members are welcome to contact us for a loan of printed copies on cancer about prevention, treatment and palliative care.

All services are free of charge. People living in our catchment are welcome to contact us at 416-461-1925 for further information.


MATCH Midwifery


The MATCH (Midwifery and Toronto Community Health) Program offers a wide variety of services related to pregnancy, labour, and birth, as well as postpartum care for infants and adults, well-gynecological care and pregnancy options counselling. Our team is made up of four midwives and a social worker. We also work closely with family doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, physiotherapists and harm reduction workers at the CHC. For LGBTQ+ families planning to welcome a baby born via surrogacy in a community outside Toronto, our team can provide infant postpartum care.  If you need a primary care provider for non-pregnancy related healthcare after or during your pregnancy, our team can connect you to a family doctor or nurse practitioner.

Our care is free if you live in Ontario even if you don’t have OHIP.

Our social worker can support you (in either English or Spanish) with case management, housing support, crisis intervention, one-on-one counselling, resource navigation and assistance acquiring necessary supplies related to pregnancy and parenting. Our team can also often provide phones and/or sim cards if you don’t have a working phone. We have midwives on our team who speak Cantonese, French, Gujurati, and Kachchhi and we can arrange a translator for any other language needs to accompany you during appointments.

If you are planning to give birth, the midwives can attend your labour and birth at Michael Garron Hospital, the Toronto Birth Centre, or at home. The midwives provide 24 hour on-call services to MATCH clients during pregnancy and for the first 6 weeks postpartum. After your baby is born, we will visit you where you are staying to provide clinical care for you and your baby. Visits after the first week postpartum usually happen in our clinic.

Clients of the MATCH Program can also access a variety of other services and supports available at South Riverdale Community Health Centre.

Services our team provides:

  • Complete prenatal care including routine screening and testing, blood work and ultrasounds
  • Referrals to specialists as needed (obstetrics, paediatrics, medicine, endocrinology, etc)
  • Labour and birth care (at Michael Garron Hospital, the Toronto Birth Centre or at home)
  • Postpartum care for adults and infants
  • Routine vaccinations during pregnancy and postpartum as needed
  • Routine newborn testing & medications
  • Referrals to community services and supports
  • Postpartum infant care for LGBTQ+ families with a surrogate pregnancy outside Toronto
  • Case management, crisis intervention, resource navigation and housing support during pregnancy and postpartum
  • In some cases, we can offer support with early pregnancy loss management (miscarriage)
  • Pregnancy options counselling
  • Access to medication abortion with 24h on-call support
  • Referrals for surgical abortion and support navigating the system
  • One-on-one post-abortion counselling
  • One-on-one counselling during pregnancy and postpartum

Currently booking*

*The MATCH Program is offering all services during the COVID Pandemic. Some visits may be via secure video conference or phone to reduce risk of exposure for you and for our team. All clients entering the health centre will undergo screening related to COVID-19 until further notice. Community based visits are still provided as needed with appropriate precautions.


If you are a client looking for care, please call (416) 461-2493 for more information and to book an appointment. If you email looking for care, please include a phone number where we can reach you. If you do not have a working phone, please let us know in your email.


The Provider Referral to MATCH Program form is for care providers only to refer clients to South Riverdale CHC MATCH Program. Please download, fill out the form and follow instructions for processing. We accept referrals from clinical and non-clinical (community based) providers at any stage of pregnancy.

MATCH Provider Referral

Statement on anti-racism and anti-bias in our work

In 2018 when the MATCH program was funded, we adopted policy that addresses racial bias and heteronormativity in care. The policy is grounded in the work of the Ontario Human Rights Commission in these areas. We recommend reading the Commission’s thorough work on these topics for a better understanding of the histories of discrimination in Ontario.

The OHCR’s policy and guidelines on racism and racial discrimination can be found here and the OHCR’s Policy on discrimination and harassment because of sexual orientation can be found here.

Our anti-bias policy informs all the work, both clinical and non-clinical that our team undertakes.

To read excerpts of our policy, edited for clarity, please click here. For more information on our program’s complete policy and procedures related to implicit bias in care please feel free to email our team at

Harmony Hall Seniors Active Living Centre

Harmony Hall Centre for Seniors program connects and empowers seniors 55+. We promote healthy aging by providing opportunities for seniors to live independently and remain active participants in their community. We offer programs and services in English, Bengali, Chinese (Cantonese) and Tamil.

Hours – The office is closed to the public but we are operating Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.

Click here for more info on our transportation services.

*Please note that fees may apply to some of the programs offered.

Services include:

  • Social and recreation programs
  • Client intervention and assistance
  • Health promotion
  • Social dining
  • Exercise classes
  • Foot clinic

Program Locations

2 Gower St.
Toronto ON M4B 1E2
Phone: 416-752-0101

Crescent Town Office – Bengali Language
2A The Market Place
Toronto ON M4C 5M1
Phone: 647-233-4898


Foot Care
Chiropody Services

Chiropodists are regulated health care providers who treat diseases and disorders of the foot and ankle. As part of the health care team, they work to improve a client’s overall health, mobility and independence.

Common issues include:

  • Wounds, ulcers and skin infections.
  • Heel and arch pain.
  • Plantar warts.

Services offered:

  • Nail care.
  • Corn and callus reduction.
  • Orthotics.
  • Diabetic foot care (including foot risk assessments).
  • Community education.

Service eligibility:

  • Must be a client of SRCHC and live within the SRCHC catchment area

Services are available:

  • By appointment only
  • In English and Cantonese (interpretation services also available as needed)

Monday to Tuesday 8:00am-6:00pm
Thursday 8:00am-5:30pm
Wednesday and Friday 9:00am-5:00pm