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Vision, Mission, Values & Strategic Directions

Vision, Mission, Values & Strategic Directions

Mission Statement

South Riverdale Community Health Centre’s mission is to improve the lives of people that face barriers to physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being.  We do this by meaningfully engaging our clients and communities, ensuring equitable access to primary health care, and delivering quality care through a range of evidence informed programs, services and approaches.


Empowered, healthy and thriving communities where everyone belongs.


Commitment to Reconciliation & Relationship – As part of the healthcare system, we are committed to Indigenous self determination, actioning reconciliation, building relationships, and learning from Indigenous people/communities/organizations.e believe that differences in health outcomes are avoidable and unfair and are shaped by the social determinants of health including, but not limited to: social inclusion, access to shelter, education, income and employment security, food and stable ecosystems.

Health Equity and Social Justice – We believe in the dignity and self worth of all people and their right to be safe, to a healthy environment, to have access to an affordable place to call home, to food, to income, to responsive and high quality health care and more.

Meaningful Engagement – We value the perspectives gained through lived experience, and engage in open dialogue that allows us to broaden our own knowledge & understanding of challenges.

Holistic Approach – We recognize that attending to a holistic sense of health requires an understanding of the diversity of human experiences, the systems and environments that shape health and wellbeing and the importance of the individual’s right to autonomy and choice.

Evidence and Values Informed Practice – We will champion approaches that inform practice, leadership, and transformative change that align with our values and the lived experiences of communities, as well as what is known from research evidence.

Strategic Directions

Three strategic directions have been identified through the 2021 strategic planning process.  These directions will contribute to achieving the vision while operating consistently with the mission.  They will enable South Riverdale Community Health Centre to continue to build on our strengths and be responsive to the needs and opportunities for the communities we serve. The three strategic directions are:

Lead System Transformation

  • Lead through key partnerships, strategic connections and co-design approaches to achieve impact with and for our community members
  • Enhance an inter-sectoral approach for addressing the social determinants of health
  • Demonstrate equitable health outcomes
  • Tell our story with clarity, confidence and transparency

Build a Strong and Sustainable Future

  • Develop, implement and assess strategies that ensure staff wellness and organizational health
  • Build staff and organizational capacity to enable an innovative and agile organization
  • Secure funding that advances our mission, vision and focus

Maximize Community Impact Through Collective Action

  • Invest in grassroots groups and foster community ownership and capacity to support action
  • Commit to advocacy and coalition-building to address inequities, injustice and oppression