Programs by Community

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Programs by Community


Programs and services for adults aged 18-64. Access to healthcare and family doctors; services for people living with diabetes, addictions, and mental health issues; food access; and connections to resources for newcomers, refugees, and people who are homeless and use drugs.

All Ages

A range of health services and free programs for all ages. Includes access to family doctors, dietitians, and mental health and addictions services for adults, seniors, and families.


Caregiver networks and support for essential care partners caring for family members and those living with ongoing health concerns.


Intergenerational programs for families, parents, grandparents caregivers, children, infants, and expecting women (prenatal care, perinatal care, midwives, and childbirth services).


For people who identify as female, transgender, or non-binary. Includes women’s mental health and addiction programming and programs for Chinese women, newcomer and refugee women, and women who have cancer.


Programs for immigrants or refugees, with a focus on Chinese newcomers to Canada. Offer programs in Tamil, Bengali and Chinese. Social and recreation programs and assistance to connect people to health care, and make referrals for people who face language barriers (ESL programs) and access to housing, food.


For parents of children aged 0-6. Multiple-language and language-specific social and recreational groups and programs; access to midwives for pregnancy and family support (prenatal/perinatal, labour, birth, LGBTQ2S+ parenting/pregnancy, surrogacy, counselling, crisis intervention); and resource navigation related to pregnancy and parenting, including pregnancy-options counselling, access to medication abortion, referrals for surgical abortion, and one-on-one post-abortion counselling.

People Who Use Drugs

Support and resources for people with addictions and/or mental health issues, or who are transient/have no fixed address, are homeless. Includes drug-checking services, STI testing, safer supply and harm reduction services, mobile delivery, safe injection site, outreach clinic, social support, community support, and street outreach.


Multiple-language and language-specific services and programs for seniors aged 65+, including DECNET (Diabetes Education Community Network of East Toronto), seniors wellness, recreational programs, health and wellness programs, and access to safety information, social programs, and social services.


For those who are considered transient, with no fixed address or homeless. Programming addresses social and economic issues, poverty, unstable housing, affordable housing, tenants’ rights, inadequate income, crisis support, harm reduction, health problems, mental health challenges, addictions, trauma, and involvement with the justice system.


Cooking and nutrition programs for youth aged 10-17 to promote healthy living, cooking skills, social skills, and food access.