Clients Rights and Responsibilities

Clients Rights and Responsibilities

Client Rights


You have the right to receive care that is respectful, non-discriminatory, considerate and timely and in a safe and secure environment. You have the right to be treated with dignity and receive professional care regardless of your values and beliefs, social, cultural and spiritual traditions, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and abilities.


You have the right to expect privacy and that your information will be treated in a confidential manner by all Centre staff with whom you are involved. This means that personal information gathered from you throughout the course of your care, will be subject to SRCHC’s Privacy Policies. Please ask front desk reception for our Privacy Brochure to learn more about access to your personal health information.

Information & Decision-making

You have the right to participate with the health care team in developing a plan of care that address your needs. You have the right to understand the care proposed by the staff/provider before receiving care.

Rights of Refusal

You have the right to accept, refuse or discontinue services. This means that you have the right to decline treatment and be informed of the consequences. You have the the right to refuse disclosing personal information when there is no issue of safety or legal responsibility.


You have the right to be involved in the direction of the Centre by becoming a member of SRCHC.


You have the right to express concerns or make a complaint about South Riverdale and receive a response.


As a client you are responsible for:

  • Respecting the Centre’s values, policies, people and property.
  • Helping to create and maintain a safe space by not using discriminatory language or causing harm to others.
  • Letting the Centre know if you cannot attend your appointment(s) or program(s) so that this appointment time or program space can be offered to someone else.
  • Following your care plan to the best of your ability.
  • Being informed, involved and making decisions about your care to the best of your ability.
  • Letting the Centre know if there are any changes in your contact or personal information.

Throughout the Centre, these responsibilities may be more explicitly outlined to respond and reflect specific client populations and program needs.

How We Work

  • At SRCHC: we are committed to working with clients, service users and community members in a way that reflects our organizational mission, vision and values.
  • At SRCHC: we provide person-centered services and programs that respect the values, beliefs, needs, preferences and uniqueness of each individual.
  • At SRCHC: we recognize the right of clients and service users to independent expression, choice and action, and to ensure that each individual is given respect, dignity, consideration and privacy.
  • At SRCHC: clients, service users and community members are involved in shaping programs and services.
  • At SRCHC: our programs and services recognize the importance of the whole context of a person’s life, including family, friends, community, as well as social, cultural and spiritual aspects of health and well-being.


If you have a complaint and you have tried to discuss it directly with the person providing the program or service, and are not satisfied with the response or have a concern about the Centre’s operations, please contact SRCHC’s Executive Office at (416) 461-1925 x. 2223 or [email protected].





您有權利期望全部與你有關的中心職員都會以保密方式來處理您的資料。這意味著在整個護理過程中從您那裡收集的個人資料將受到本中心隱私政策的約束。請向前台索取我們的隱私手冊, 以了解更多關於取用您的個人健康資料。











1 尊重本中心的理念、政策、人員和財產


3 如果您不能出席的醫療預約或活動參加的項目活動, 請通知本中心,以便編予他人

4 盡你所能依從你的護理計劃

5 盡你所能去了解有關你的護理、參與並作出決定

6 如果你的聯絡方式或個人資料有任何改變, 通知本中心



  • 在本中心:我們致力與客戶、服務使用者和社區成員合作,以反映機構的使命、願景和理念。
  • 在本中心:我們提供以人為本的服務和計劃, 尊重每個人的價值觀、信念、需要、偏好和獨特性。
  • 在本中心:我們承認客戶和服務使用者有獨立表達、選擇和行動的權利,並確保每個人都得到尊重、尊嚴、考慮與隱私。
  • 在本中心:客戶、服務使用者和社區成員參與製定計劃和服務。
  • 在本中心:我們的項目和服務認識到個人的全部生活背景的重要性,這包括家庭、朋友、社區,以及(塑做)健康和福祉的社會、文化和精神方面。


如果您有投訴並嘗試與提供計劃或或服務的人員直接討論, 但對回覆不滿意或關注中心的運作,請聯絡本中心執行辦公室, 電話 (416) 461-1925 轉 2223 或電郵至 [email protected]