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MATCH (Midwifery and Toronto Community Health)

The MATCH (Midwifery and Toronto Community Health) Program provides complete prenatal, labour, birth and postpartum care with a team of midwives. Midwives are experts in caring for pregnant people and their newborns. The MATCH team can attend your labour and birth at Michael Garron Hospital, The Toronto Birth Centre, or at home. Midwives provide 24 hour on-call services to MATCH clients during pregnancy and for the first 6 weeks postpartum. Home visits are scheduled to provide clinical care for you and your baby in the first week postpartum.

Midwives also provide well-gynecological care (Pap tests), STI screening, pregnancy testing (urine or blood tests) and counselling related to pregnancy options at the Health Centre. If you have a valid prescription for transition-related testosterone injections, you can see the midwives for your regular injections or for self-injection teaching.

Call our clinic at (416) 461-2493 for more information and booking appointments.

Currently booking for due dates after February 15th, 2019.


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