Program Category: Harm Reduction

Mobile Outreach

The mobile outreach program delivers harm reduction materials and resources to people who use drugs and live in our catchment area. Supplies and resources include new, sterile needles, distilled water, tournies, cookers, safer crack stems, filters, as well as injection and smoking kits.  Referrals are offered when asked for.  Supplies are delivered within 20 to 40 minutes of a call depending on the weather and the number of calls we receive.  We deliver through unmarked personal vehicles to your home or a coffee shop —  as long as the address is in our catchment area.

Our catchment area:

South to North = Lake Ontario to Eglinton Avenue East
West to East: Don Valley Parkway to Victoria Park Avenue. 
NOTE: within reason, our staff do sometimes cross these boundaries provided there are no other services around.


Monday to Friday: 6:00 pm to midnight
Weekends and holidays:  Noon to midnight.

Organization Contact

  • Mobile Outreach

  • 955 Queen Street East
  • Toronto, ON    M4M 3P3
  • (416) 451-1951