Client learning from a DECNET Educator

One-to-one Appointment with a Diabetes Educator

DECNET clients can connect with their diabetes educator to receive individualized education, support and care. Clients can book a one-to-one appointment with a nurse or dietitian. If you would like to be connected with a social worker, this can be arranged following your first appointment.

Our services are designed to complement the services clients receive from their family physician. The hope is that our clients receive support, knowledge and skills to live healthy lives with diabetes.

During one-to-one appointments DECNET providers can:


  • Assess your current diet
  • Answer your nutrition and diabetes related questions
  • Work with you to set health-related goals
  • Provide education on the management of food-related concerns including prediabetes, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and digestive health


  • Discuss ways to manage type 2 diabetes (e.g. medication, exercise, blood sugar testing, and insulin)
  • Perform regular foot exams ( e.g. foot sensation test)
  • Provide foot care (see foot care)
  • Provide education on how to stay healthy and prevent complications

Social Workers

  • Acknowledge the impacts of diabetes on your mental and social health
  • Provide counselling to support your management of diabetes
  • Connect you to appropriate community services or support as needed

Walking appointments available

Our diabetes educators can provide walking appointments. Instead of staying indoors, clients and their provider can decide to hold their appointment while walking, weather permitting.

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