Program Category: Drug Use, Harm Reduction, Healthcare, Mental Health, Primary Health

Outreach Clinic


At the Outreach Clinic you can:

  • See a doctor or nurse practitioner (health card not necessary)
  • Get sexual health information, including testing, vaccinations & treatment etc.
  • Talk to a counselor
  • Get foot care at the Thursday clinic (3-4pm)

The Outreach Clinic is for people that:

  • Have problems getting health care?
  • Use drugs?
  • Are homeless, living in a shelter or living rough?
  • Are you working in the sex trade?

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2-4 pm

  • In person clinic registration starts at 1:30
  • Last registration time is 3pm
  • As this is a walk-in clinic please be prepared to wait


Organization Contact

  • South Riverdale CHC

  • 955 Queen Street East
  • Toronto, ON    M4M 3P3
  • 416-461-2493