Social Worker, Deborah Connerty, Joins the MATCH Team

The MATCH (Midwifery and Toronto Community Health) Program has recently expanded their team of midwives to include social worker, Deborah Connerty. While the focus of MATCH midwives is on clinical issues related to pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum, Deborah’s role aims to help pregnant people manage their mental health.

Pregnant people who have previously experienced depression or anxiety are at a higher risk of experiencing depression once pregnant or soon after birth. In addition, the loneliness of homelessness, living in poverty and experiencing violence in a relationship has the potential to negatively impact a pregnant or parenting person’s ability to care for themselves and their child, and to form secure attachments with their infant. Deborah’s role as a social worker on the MATCH team is to work with the midwives to identify these types of concerns and to ensure early interventions to support parents and children. This work includes connecting clients to community resources, assisting with applications such as employment insurance, childcare subsidies and birth certificates, and providing counseling and trauma-informed therapy. Deborah also helps to coordinate essential resources for clients such as diapers, baby clothes and other donated items based on client needs.

Welcome Deborah!