Program Category: Newcomers

School Clinic – City Adult Learning Centre

SRCHC in partnership with TDSB established a school clinic that provides Clinical, Care Coordination and Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle choices to Adult students at the city Adult Learning centre located at 1 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON.

Clinical Programs Hours:

Tuesdays – 9am to 12pm
Thursdays – 9am to 3pm

Care Coordination/Social Work Hours:

Mondays – 9am to 3pm
Wednesdays – 9am to 1pm
Fridays – 9am to 3pm

Dietetic services Hours:

Thursdays – 9am to 12pm

Organization Contact

  • Adult Learning Centre

  • 1 Danforth Ave
  • Toronto, ON    M4K 1M8
  • (416) 461-1925