Request for Proposal – Executive Training and Coaching


March 6, 2020


South Riverdale Community Health Centre is a non-profit, multi-service organization that provides primary healthcare, social and community outreach services with an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention primarily to people of East Toronto. Our mission is to improve the lives of people that face barriers to physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being. We do so by meaningfully engaging our clients and communities, ensuring equitable access to primary health care and delivering quality care through a range of evidence informed programs, services and approaches. As a leader in community health, our locally and internationally recognized community services include cutting-edge primary health services, health promotion, harm reduction, environmental health, community food centre and population-based community programs for marginalized peoples. We value health equity and inclusion and respect in our work and in the delivery of our services.


With continued growth and expansion, SRCHC invites proposals for the development and delivery of a comprehensive group management training program to build upon existing competencies.  Coupled with this will be individual and small group ongoing coaching sessions.



Start Date:  To be determined

Completion Date:  To be determined



March 6, 2020



March 26th and March 27th, 2020



Please deliver one (1) electronic copy of your proposal and direct any communications to:


The Hiring Committee

RFP Training and Coaching

South Riverdale Community Health Centre

955 Queen Street East

Toronto, ON M4M 3P3




Please ensure to state “RFP Training and Coaching” in the subject line of your email.




The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals from qualified training providers with the capacity to develop and deliver a face‐to‐face training program, as well as ongoing individual and small group coaching sessions, to support the development of SRCHC’s management and leadership teams, and the continued growth of the organization.  SRCHC’s leadership and management team is comprised of up to twenty positions.  SRCHC currently employs approximately 225 employees.




A brief proposal no more than three (3) pages including the following:

  • Profile and resume(s) of the consultant(s): qualifications, description of relevant experience, facilitation experience, etc.;
  • Description of approach including areas of focus and general plan with suggested timelines (please ensure training component is separated from and cost out separate from coaching session piece);
  • A firm cost indicating overall cost, including breakdown between training and coaching, as well as hourly rate.;
  • Out of the pocket expenses, if any expected;
  • References [minimum of three (3)] for similar work;




Proposals should provide an overall, as well as breakdown of costs and time (and other resources) needed for the completion of the training.




Cost of preparation

SRCHC will not be liable for any costs incurred by the applicants in the preparation of their response to this proposal.


Submission of Proposals

One copy  of the proposal must be submitted to the SRCHC Contact in hard copy plus one in electronic format and be received by SRCHC by 5:00 PM  March 6, 2020


Respondents are encouraged to request confirmation of receipt of their proposal by email to the SRCHC Contact (listed above).



No communication prior to candidates selected to be interviewed.


Intellectual Property

If selected, the proponent agrees that SRCHC will have exclusive right to the unique intellectual property of the report and information from this project and the proponent will waive in favour of SRCHC their Copyright Act rights to all concepts, techniques, ideas, information and materials, however recorded, (including images and data) of such intellectual property.



If selected, the proponent will keep all information received to complete this project in strict confidence and use solely to perform the obligations for the purpose of the project. Upon completion of the project all information collected from SRCHC will be returned to SRCHC or destroyed in a manner designated by SRCHC.



If selected, the proponent will not have any contact with patients or patient health information for any purpose whatsoever unless expressly authorized by SRCHC.


No Incorporation by Reference by Proponent

The entire content of the proponent’s proposal should be submitted in a fixed form and not be dependent on any external links or documents.  The content of web sites or other external documents referred to in the proponent’s proposal will not be considered to form part of its proposal.


Proposal to be Retained by SRCHC

SRCHC will not return the Proposal or any accompanying documentation submitted by the Proponent.


Reserved Rights of SRCHC

SRCHC may, at its sole and absolute discretion, carry out the RFP process as it determines to be in the best interest of SRCHC and to be the most beneficial to SRCHC.  Without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to SRCHC, SRCHC may, make public the names of any or all proponents, do nothing, cancel the RFP, reject any or all proposals, accept any proposal in whole or in part and under no circumstances shall SRCHC be liable for any indirect or consequential damages.