Fixed Site - COUNTERfit Harm Reduction Program

The COUNTERfit fixed site is open between 9:00am and 5:00pm on weekdays.

The fixed site is usually covered by our Harm Reduction Workers. These are people who use drugs or are on opiate substitution. We employ these experts because they can relate to the lives of their friends and acquaintances. 

Sang Won Kim, our Fixed Site Support Worker, is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the fixed site office and also supports the Harm Reduction Worker staffing the fixed site.

Services at the fixed site are delivered in a low-threshold manner – that is, we try to make your visit as simple as you want it to be, or as complicated as you need it to be. If you want to visit our site to just get harm reduction materials, you can do so with minimum hassle. We just need you to give us a name (doesn’t have to be yours) and an approximate age for statistical purposes. 

We offer much more than harm reduction materials if you want. COUNTERfit is part of the SRCHC Urban Health Team – as such, we work closely with social workers, nurses, physicians, dietitians, health promoters, community support workers, among others.   These are a group of dedicated professionals that can help you with your housing needs, with physical and mental health issues, with probation and parole – you name it, we probably got it.

The COUNTERfit Women’s Harm Reduction project is also located onsite. Women who use illegal drugs have specific realities and the women’s program tries to meet these needs. However, if you’re a woman and use illegal drugs, you can simply access our fixed site to get your harm reduction materials just like the other men do.

We also have an amazing harm reduction-based Hepatitis C program operating in the centre within the Urban Health Team – please visit their site to see what they offer.

NOTE:  to expedite services, we issue client cards to those who don’t mind sharing their full name. For more about our client card, click here: client card.

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South Riverdale Community Health Center. First Floor. 955 Queen Street East. Toronto, Ontario. M4M 3P3
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The COUNTERfit fixed site is open between 9:00am and 5:00pm on weekdays.
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