Dundas St. East Bike Lane

The Dundas St. East Bike Lane Story

In 1998 a community meeting was hosted by the South Riverdale Community Health Centre and Metro Councillor Jack Layton  to discuss air quality in South Riverdale. Industrial emissions have gone down while motor vehicle emissions have become the biggest challenge. A wise and optimistic local  person suggested a bike lane for those that wanted a safe alternative to driving.

A group of residents  promoted the idea and built support among their neighbours. Health was a big factor in building support. AND it turns out that many people supported the idea of bike lanes on Dundas but were never asked before. People who walk liked the idea of a buffer between the sidewalk and cars.  Speed limits were reduced. The road would be safer for everyone, walkers, drivers and cyclists.  There were many meetings of “Dundas E.A.S.T. (Everyone’s Access to Safe Travel) , petitions, news articles, group rides, meetings with staff and councillors. And even though Dundas Street East bike lanes were in the City’s original cycling master plan after 5 years two bike lanes replaced two car lanes "on a trial basis".

10 years later the number of cyclists have soared in Toronto and on Dundas Street East.  The group won an award in 2004 for organizing community action for healthier living conditions.

People continue to meet to improve safety for cyclists including people in Ward 30 (Riverdale) and 32 (Beaches).

Cycle Toronto has adopted a similar model of local ward-based advocacy for groups across Toronto.

Now the Ward30Bikes (find them on Facebook) is discussing ways to make Dundas Street East and other parts of the ward even better.

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