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COUNTERfit Harm Reduction Program offers client cards with or without a photo for those who want to register with the program. You don’t have to have a client card to receive our services or any service in our Community Health Centre. Indeed, you don’t have to give us your real name when accessing our services – although you have to give us a name and an approximate age for statistical purposes. This name doesn’t have to be yours, but we prefer that you use the same false name for statistical reasons.

There are advantages in carrying a COUNTERfit client card.

At the back of the card we state that the supplies you got from us belong to us. Of course the card will not help you if you’re carrying illegal drugs, but it will give you some protection if you’re carrying our paraphernalia (syringes, glass stems, swabs, tournies, etc...).  

Some of our service users use their client cards for a photo ID (although government agencies will not accept our cards as valid ID). 

Moreover, we use an electronic system to enter our stats – with a client card, all we have to do is to type in your first few initials and your information comes out – so you get your service faster using a client card. 

To issue a COUNTERfit Client Card, we need your full name, your date of birth, and your mom or dad’s name’s first two letters.  This information will remain confidential of course. We will not share any identifying information with anyone outside this agency. But again, we want to ensure that you know you DON’T have to give us your real name and you DON’T have to have a client card to receive services from COUNTERfit

If you want a COUNTERfit Client Card, please talk to the Fixed Site Support Worker, Sang Won Kim, or email him at

  • Don’t forget to email your full name, the first to letters of your father’s or mom’s name (for example, if your mom’s name is Nancy, please send us the letters NA – these two letters will be part of your code)
  • If you want a photo card, please also email a portrait photo (a passport photo is ideal).
  • Please give us 2 weeks to complete your COUNTERfit client card.
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