Counseling & Social Services

Asking for help can be difficult, especially if you face barriers such as language, homelessness, drug problems or poverty. Support is available at the South Riverdale Community Health Centre. We offer counseling and assistance to people who need social and mental health services. Social workers and case managers, community support counselors and health promoters offer one-to-one counseling and group support, as well as information on community services.


Individuals often need more than one service, as well as support and follow-up. An experienced case coordinator can help you find the community services you need. Common issues include: food housing clothing education (schools) legal rights government forms  
Community support workers help high-risk clients find and use the services they need. Case management is an intensive service offered to clients who are homeless or coping with settlement issues, poverty, addiction and/or mental health problems.
ATTENTION: At this time SRCHC does not accept outside, or self-referrals to our counselling program. Confidential, one-to-one counseling with a social worker. Please note that due to high demand, there is usually a waiting period of 3 to 4 weeks.
The South Riverdale Community Health Centre offers a wide variety of support groups in the community and at the Centre.